I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away from it for a long time…

It is 11th of January 2023 – 1.5 months after previous project ended – and I started a new one.

This time it is actually what I really want to do – focus on my content.

In short – I will upload video every day.

I have no clue what I will talk about, so I’ll wing it as I did before.

I am so fucking terrified to commit to this, especially so soon after previous.

But I am very excited for it at the same time!

It will boost my life to another level, I am sure of it.

Let’s Fucking Go!



Podcast – here for now




Here’s the outline for it:

I will publish one video on YouTube each day.

Minimum requirements:

  • Minimum length of a video – 1 minute. For shorts – any length.
  • I have to appear in a video in some way
  • I have to say something in video
  • Audio needs also be uploaded to my podcast platform.
  • I shall keep an open spreadsheet with links/titles to my content and update it for every piece I upload


  • It can be in any format – short, 5-min long message or hour-long podcast.
  • There are absolutely no requirements to quality of a video. I just should be “visible” there. It can even be a phone selfie quality/Vlog (maybe I’m on the move).
  • For shorts – there should be some attempt at editing/cuts/main points. Normal videos can be completely unedited.
  • I can narrate my writing adhering to the requirements (for example if I wanted to specifically write an article that day)
  • Videos can be recorded in advance – buffers – and scheduled to publish.
  • But I still need to do at least 1 minute of some effort each day – write a script/theme for the next one, or update description or create thumbnail, etc…

What are my goals with this project:

  • Build my “voice” – how coherently I can convey my thoughts verbally
  • Literally improve the quality of my speech and voice
  • Practice being comfortable on video/audio
  • Learn to talk for a long time, speech structures and how to cover my topics
  • Put myself out there – permission to be seen and heard
  • Give myself permission to suck – this time extremely raw on camera
  • Improve my insights on tying the topics together, or expanding/going deeper – skill for Social stuff.
  • Learn a bunch of stuff on video/audio recording, editing, light, hardware, apps, etc…
  • Quickly improve in video+audio quality and/or reduce time and effort required for it
  • Practice different formats of recording/editing and find something that works for me
  • Build some audience. No matter how small it is – even 1 person is a success.
  • Allow myself to “interview” other people and learn how to do that “decently”
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