Hello guys and gals.

I’m Dim Vavi and I’m here to improve your life.

Too corny right?

But whatever. If you are here you either already like my sarcastically-mindful style of writing, or you’re gonna leave now.

Or now…

I feel like it is easier to relate to a wall of text if you can see what stands behind.

So let’s take look at it.

I’ll go into my whole story in more detail in some different article(s) (in progress…).
But here are very condensed version of me:

I am a born-in-Russia 26 year old guy living now in Serbia.

I struggled with many things – people, friends, dating, mental health and making money – for almost all my life.

I was very negative and thought of myself as absolutely hopeless and worthless.

I learned to have “I am able to achieve anything I want in life” mindset and get actual results out of it.

I am not even remotely close to the version of me I want, in fact I am only starting.
But I learned to be happy, enjoy the present and love the process of creating a best version of myself possible.

I started this blog and coaching, because I believe that everyone is capable of doing the same.

That’s it for a quick introduction.

Here is a little more details about me if you want to see what I went through:

All my school and college years I was a closed-off nerd that escaped people all the time and had a severe gaming addiction.

I haven’t had ANY contact with girls whatsoever until I was almost 20yo.

And no proper friends at all until about 23.

I had a huge feeling of not-belonging after finishing college, which led me to pretty bad depression period.

I was struggling with any human contact, made bullshit excuses to skip my work and ultimately led myself to not being able to get out of the house (or even bed) and to self-harm.

I was married at 20, after a year-long relationship with the first girl that gave me attention.
And it ended 8 months later… (divorce took another year after that)

My turnaround – self-improvement journey started back in 2019, by me breaking up with that girl and moving to Moscow.

There, over the course of 4 years, I slowly was making my life better.
I mostly focused on dating, but also on career and – big time – on mental health.

Most of the time I fucked around, procrastinated and was pissed at the world and how unfair it was.

But still, I had some successes here and there:

I was trying to be more mindful and practiced meditations a lot.
I developed it into my “failsafe” – where I could use it to bounce off any “crushing” events that happened since.

That allowed me to finally trust myself in some way.

I started another relationship, this time with a girl I really liked. It lasted for 3 years and made us trust each other immensely. To this very day, a year after separating, I consider her my best friend and family.

At some point in 2020 I found Andy’s blog.
Reading and listening his advice changed my life.

His advice also switched my mindset to be positive and productive –
I started to actively trying to handle what I didn’t like in my life, instead of just complaining.

I finally started to do something for the things I wanted – gym, dating, sex, honesty, changing my job and improving every other part of my life.

I started taking myself more seriously.
I was slowly becoming more and more the person I always wanted to be.

But I was still holding back and feeling miserable.

I was still overflown by fear.
I didn’t believe in myself.

I was stalling my progress for months when it was hard, skipping gym and quitting the things I started.

I still often dipped into my gaming addiction and used porn and alcohol to cope.

I was still fighting reality – I didn’t want to change, I wanted everything else to change for me.

At the end of the 2021, at my 25th birthday and after officially ending that 2nd relationship a month prior, I had a huge breakdown.

I drank myself out of existence, I didn’t want to face the world.

I was so hilariously miserable that I was going to sex parties (some group in Moscow) to sit in the corner and don’t even look at anyone.

In the midst of all this pain it clicked with me –

I Don’t Want To Be A Victim Anymore.
I am going to take myself seriously.

Since then, for the last year I finally started to work on myself consistently every day.

I took up my 365-photography project (which I finished just recently)

I went to gym without skipping and tracked my diet.

I made huge effort every week to improve my social, dating and sex life.

I surrounded myself with motivation and positive thinking – I was listening to podcasts at every free moment.

At that moment I started to understand, that I can achieve anything I want if I do the best I can every day and won’t quit.

I never quit since.

In the early 2022, with all political horrors, I left everything behind and got out of Russia.

I went to Armenia for 2 months.

Then I moved to Serbia and live here since then.

This act of cutting away everything I had was very hard on me. I had some intense dips back into depression.

But I already learned to have the right mindset. I had my internal support. I was always looking for solutions.

Using it all, I was able to bounce back every time and become even stronger.

I was not capable of this a year ago. I am now.

I believe that the mindset we have shapes our life.

It affects everything – business, dating, sex, friends, relationships, family, mental health, leisure and spirituality.

With the right mindset you can achieve anything you want.
And be happy in the process.

To this day, meditation/mindfulness and positive thinking are one the best skills I was able to learn.

That is the reason why, whenever I thought about blog/coaching of my own, it was always gonna be mindset-related.

With my blog and my coaching, I want to give this gift of mindset to you.

I want to help you shape it, by sharing my story and my philosophies.

I want you to see, using me as the example and motivation, that you can overcome any struggle and turn your life around.

I want to help you achieve everything you want and to be happy.

– Dim Vavi

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