Now that is the one of the first candidates for the most arrogant post on my blog.

And, you know, it is very likely true.

I, like probably many of you reading this, have a huge fear of being this douchebag talking about himself all the time.

It is hard to accept the fact, that no matter how hard I try, I will still be arrogant from time to time.

However, I think you need to do that, and quite often.
Be arrogant and selfish enough to give credit, gratitude, acknowledgement to yourself for all the things you have in life.

After all, the only person that matters the most in your life, the person who stays with you until the last breath – is yourself.
That is the only relationship you actually NEED to make perfect. All others are but a bonus on top.

This page will be a good place for my self-indulgence. For understanding that I, even in my current unfinished state, have some things I can be proud of or things someone can like in me.

Now, to steer it just a bit more into the “giving value” side.

I encourage you to come up with “50 Things That Are Likeable About Yourself” too.

You can use mine as reference (of course that is a shameless plug to get you to read what is good about me) or ignore me entirely and do it on your own.

I also want to give credit to Andy from KYIL, who is the origin (here’s his video about it) of this idea for me.

I will return to this list often. Rereading it. Updating it with new things, when they come up to mind.

Internalizing it.

I advise you to do the same with yours.

Now, let’s get this self-indulgence started:

50 53 Likeable Things About Me

  1. I have a positive mindset
  2. I want to improve and make effort to do so
  3. I am able to do whatever it takes to improve myself
  4. I want to help some people
  5. I try to be kind and respectful
  6. I try to be completely honest and open
  7. I like new things and experimenting
  8. I am open minded and not judgemental
  9. I have a great body
  10. I make great effort to look good
  11. I can be self aware
  12. I am decently intelligent
  13. I am passionate about things I want
  14. I have interesting hobbies and skills
  15. I like photography and can take decent photos
  16. I like cooking and can make okay meals and desserts
  17. I like being active, working out at gym, hiking and walking
  18. I face my fears and work on them
  19. I can be grateful for people, things and events in my life
  20. I can be ok by myself
  21. I like doing strange nonstandard things – like polyphasic sleeping
  22. I am the person who takes action
  23. I can coach, give advice and help people to find positive view
  24. I want and actively try to know myself better
  25. I am extremely generous with close people
  26. I did 365 project – every day for a year
  27. I try to find good in people and things
  28. I don’t give up
  29. I can say and do controversial things sometimes
  30. I have some boundaries
  31. I am good at sex
  32. I care about what my partner feels
  33. I like kinks and experiments
  34. I like intimacy and connection and try to build it even in casual relationships
  35. I trust myself to have feelings and be vulnerable with other people. I can decently express them
  36. I am loyal to my friends
  37. I can be bold and direct sometimes
  38. I like meditations and being mindful
  39. I like travel
  40. I like meeting new people
  41. I can say NO
  42. I care about my health
  43. I am peaceful and non-confrontational
  44. I try to leave people better than I found them
  45. I want to give value and make would slightly better
  46. I try to accept all of my desires
  47. I can be funny sometimes
  48. I can be creative sometimes
  49. I like reading books
  50. I have healthy relationship with my flaws and addictions
  51. I keep my promises
  52. I try to empathise, be understanding and see the view from other people’s perspective
  53. I believe that my life will be ok no matter what happens

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