So, you’ve decided to improve and change your life.
You may or may not have some dreams in mind but you definitely want to make yourself better.

But then the next problem comes in – you don’t even know where to start.

What could I do?

Is this possible?

Will I make it?

Define dreams

I’ll start from the point of no clear “dreams” in mind.
That is a good approach even when you think you know what you want – as you can find something else that is more important for you even if you were focused on something specific.

First of all, I would define the goals.

Get a list of paper and write down how do you want your life to look like in 5-10 years. It is a really good starting point.

While making it, imagine that everything is possible.

If the thoughts “I am not good enough for that” or “I could never make that happen” come up, ignore them and write that thing down anyway.

Be thorough, list as much details as you possibly can. I would even recommend taking multiple multiple days to do it, adding something that comes to mind.

Select priority

When you have the list of things you want, go over it and decide what exactly from these things you want the most.

Main priority.

Also, you can excerpt a list of 10 priorities in order of importance, it may help with seeing the perspective and FOMO. But the most important thing right now is the first goal on that list.

Now you have the thing you want the most.

If it seems impossible and hard to believe – it is okay. Still try to dream about and imagine how would your life looked like with this goal achieved.

You don’t have to believe that you can succeed at the start. Just do something consistently, and belief will come with experience.

TakE action

You have the thing you want to focus on right now?

Next, ask yourself:

What is the smallest step that I can do right now to get slightly closer to that goal.

It can be something completely ridiculous.
Like just looking for meetups if you want a best friend/relationship.
Or taking 1 minute walk if you want to run a marathon.

No matter how insignificant it seems, find it and do it right away.

If you keep making excuses it means it is hard for you right now. Break it down even more until you actually will be able to do it, (even if it is just standing up from the couch).

Do it right away.

Congratulate yourself

Take a pause and give yourself some praise.

You just did what many people cannot do – you mapped out clear path how to improve your life.
And you took some action already (you wouldn’t lie to me, right?).

This is where it starts. Remember this moment, no matter how small it is.

This is your first step towards the best version of you.

Be grateful to yourself for it

Be consistent

Okay, let’s get back to the earth now.

Taking some action is only half of success. The other half – repeat it, consistently, until you make it happen.

So, at the next day repeat it, and add slightly more effort – 2 minutes instead of 1, or writing down in calendar the meetup you found, etc…

All these steps serve multiple purposes:

  • You start easy – helps remove excuses and get to action part
  • You build momentum – when you already did something, in the next day it will be easier to repeat and to add a bit more to it
  • It doesn’t take much energy and time – you can fit it into your life and go from there, and it won’t be some crazy scary action – but something that is actually possible
  • You actually made some action – it helps with believing in yourself and with praise, as you’re already started to make it happen
  • You focus only on the next small possible task – helps with not “looking at the mountain” and being terrified of the journey ahead

That’s it

That’s basically a template how you can achieve anything in life – start slow, be consistent, see how you feel and adjust in the process.

It can take some time, sure. But it doesn’t take that much time.

And remember, you have all your life to work on this.

I wish you good luck.
You made it this far.
You will make it happen.

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