Choice is a very strange concept.

We treat most things in life as a cause-and-effect relationship – we have some results because we did something.


But often we feel like we didn’t choose what we had to do. Then it seems logical to think that we have no choice about what happens too.
Or even that we have no choice in life. Life “just happens” to us.


But have you actually stopped and thought about all the choices you make?

“I chose what hobbies to enjoy, what job I want, where to live, where to spend the evening, what food to order”, right?

Only that is the very tip of the iceberg.

Think about it:
We usually notice only the biggest or immediate choices, but our choices go down to the very existence itself.


We are choosing to live at each and every moment.


We are choosing to drink, eat or move in the same way as we are choosing the path we take to our bathroom.
It is usually somewhere in the background of our mind – learned technique that we execute the same way every time. 
It is useful and the most efficient way – after all we spend less energy by being less aware. 

But it still the choice we make unconsciously every time.


I want you to think about this for a minute:
How can you have no choice in life, if everything that was done to this moment, the fact that you are living and breathing right now actually WAS your choice? Not the choice of someone else – but you, and ONLY YOU.


I have one exercise that I usually do:
When I’m feeling overwhelmed and “on the rails”, I stop and go down the chain of why I am doing this particular thing I was doing just a second ago. Go through all of the choices I made to even be functional enough. Down to the very existence. 


Let’s try it right now. Ask yourself:
Why did I choose to read this article at this moment and what I did to even be able to look at it?


I will do this with you too right here (for the weirdo I am, reading my own article):
“I chose to read this to try making my life feel a bit better”, “I chose to try and make myself feel like I could control it”, “I chose to see if there are something useful in this article”

Then we can go mental with this:
“I chose to brew myself this coffee for reading to be more enjoyable”, “I chose to sit on this coach so I could read comfortably”, “I chose to eat before reading so I don’t feel hungry”, “I chose to breath calmly so I could concentrate on reading better”,  “I chose to focus my eyes on this screen”.

I chose to let go of what I was worried about to try to remember things “I chose to do”


It can be immediate or take some time, but something changes, isn’t it? It suddenly seems that you have slightly more authority over your life.
Now you are PRESENT. You are ACTIVELY FOCUSING on what you did to be in this moment.


Now take a step back and look at it:
You Chose To Have This Moment

And it works exactly like that in EVERY part of your life.


So that is what I want you to take from this article.
You are the ultimate master of your own life.

Let’s return back to it with a little more authority.


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