Create moments of peace,
Even if they feel forced.

Feeling peace and gratefulness adds so much happiness to our lives. Even if it doesn’t happen frequently.

I start my days with breakfast (maybe you can relate to this strange phenomenon).
In the last months I tried to use it as a gratefulness and “connection” practice whenever it was possible.
Imagine – you’re sitting at 6am, with the half-darkness of early dawn behind you, surrounded by the light of the candles, having a spoon of warm oatmeal with a coffee and feeling the taste of every bite. It can be a very powerful meditation practice.

Sometimes in these moments I even felt pure connection with myself and the world around me.
No worries. No plans. Only I, the taste of the food, and experiences of my whole life packed in one small dot in the present that I can feel. It caused me to remember some long past events that I didn’t know I even experienced.

These moments were so pure, so real, that I, like a drug addict, always desired to repeat them. But the mind doesn’t work that way – it has its own state of existence. I tried to force it into submission, to feel this peace again, but never could.

Today, sitting at my breakfast meditation after some huge epiphanies of the last days, I felt this chaos again. I saw how I created this perfect place for experiencing peace, but I cannot control the outcome.
I saw my mind rushing in its thoughts, not wanting to stop fully and relax. And… I finally accepted it.

Interestingly, just the fact of not resisting, observing and accepting that I cannot force it to my will, allowed me to experience it again.
Though, it didn’t matter that much anymore. It became an awesome bonus on top of reality.

Randomness of the mind cannot be controlled. But it can be swayed. It can be prepared.
If we create the environment around us, conscience may just as well choose it to relax.
There will be more chances to experience peace, if we just accept the fact that it is a chance.

I remember Andy’s quote from one of the podcasts – “You are entitled to your actions, but not entitled to the results of those actions”

That is all that is required – do what we can, and accept the consequences.

Create the environment, try to free your mind, clear the path to gratefulness and peace.

But don’t worry if it doesn’t happen.

You can observe your mind being busy and rejoice – you are alive, after all.

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