I have no time left for writing this article. Today, at least.

Even though I had a pretty good day up to this point, I felt that something was amiss.

I didn’t even try to do what I wanted to. I told myself I only needed to write for 5 minutes today – bare minimum, but I still made excuses. I was arguing with reality, wishing that I had more time, more inspiration, better idea.
Article needed to be at least decent. And, as I wanted to post whatever I write today, I couldn’t bring myself to start something that probably would be shitty.

But you know what. I allow myself to do the bare minimum. I allow myself to end it at whatever point it ends. I allow myself to consider it enough.

At the moment I press that scary “Publish” button, it will become the thing of the past.

The good thing about the past it can be treated differently – It can be seen as “the decision I made was the best I could do in the circumstances”. There would not be any pressure left – what happened is already happened.
I could look at it afterwards, and say – I did good, I did my minimum today. I kept momentum and gained a little bit of skill.

There won’t be any negative thoughts –
“I did my best. I improved me and my life”

My arrogance doesn’t want to end this article now – “It is not perfect”, “It needs to be longer”. It is like a little child, not wanting to give up it’s favorite toy.

That is exactly why I want the practice and end it at this moment.

And look at it – I did my daily minimum. I did enough. And I think it is even decent. 

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