Life Is A Consequence Of Our Own Actions

This phrase came up to me this morning.
It seems so obvious, so “internal” and at the same time – almost incoherent. I resisted it at the first – very ironically so, as I’ve noticed later.
But all of our thoughts have a background and are trying to show us something. I have accepted it as is and started digging into it, looking for what was behind. I was amazed how many potential was hidden inside.

Actions – it’s not our thoughts, not worries, not fears and even not desires – “actions”. We always decide what we want to act upon. We have the final choice, no matter the circumstances. And that is beautiful.

Thoughts are random and chaotic. Worries and fears are imposed by our past experiences. Desires are usually the things we missed out on in our life. 
All these things are in our mind, and only there. They exist, but they are not material. The outer world cannot see them.
They are not “real”.

But actions – they are the present, The NOW. Even if they are minuscule – they affect everything, starting from our body and the people around us to the very universe itself.
They are the thing that allows us to “show up”, to present us to the outside as we actually are. 

Actions are the thing that makes us the part of the world.

These actions are ours and ours only.
They can be affected by something external, but in the end – we are the ones who make them happen. Seemingly involuntary actions are of our making as well – there is always some choice that has been made, even if we aren’t able to notice it.

As the saying goes, “every action has consequences”.
For some reason I always treated “consequence” in a negative, punishing connotation, but I don’t think it is so. It is a past. Our present is constructed on top of myriads of previous experiences and choices we made. But it cannot be moved, cannot be rebuilt and is impossible to change in any way – it just is.

Our life is a combination of these consequences.

It hurts when I argue with the reality” – from Byron Katie. The best we can do from our point of view – is to stop resisting and accept it as is. Which is funny, looking back at my own resistance to the phrase itself at the start.

The Life is here.
It is shaped by every decision we acted upon previously. Accept its unbending nature.

Build something beautiful upon it.

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