It is a well-known concept for me – doing small steps everyday


I would even dare to say I Had Success with it.

Since the moment I read Slight Edge one year ago it served me VERY well. My life has changed dramatically.

Slight Edge practically became my religion. Consistency IS the ultimate key to success.


But even with understanding all this. With more or less good experience. With ACTUAL RESULTS and PROOF that it works.

Somehow there are still moments when it is hard not to focus on The Big Goal ©

It is common to set ourselves this big thing (or multiple) we want to achieve in a year and then break it down into small chunks we focus on, let’s say Monthly Goals. It is a relatively good approach to avoid being overwhelmed, I use it all the time.


Funny thing is, this small monthly goal can become The Big Goal itself:

Monthly goal can be The Big Goal in relation to one week.

Weekly goal can be The Big Goal in relation to one day.

Daily goal can be The Big Goal in relation to one hour.

Hourly goal can be The Big Goal in relation to one minute.

And the minute goal is The Tremendous Goal in relation to RIGHT NOW.


You can ask me:

Dima, One minute? Really?

How can you treat so seriously something you can realistically and relatively easily achieve in a minute?

How can you look forward to a one-minute goal?


And, more importantly,

How hard can it actually be for you to do anything with such a small “time size”


It seems it can be pretty damn hard. If there is no momentum yet.

If there is nothing yet done to use as a foundation.


Foundation of minute, hour, day is a product of a previous minute, hour, day. If the result of the previous time period was positive – you can enhance it, if it was negative – you can adapt and learn from it.

But the foundation of NOW, well… is NOW. The only thing you can rely on then is your own mindset IN THE MOMENT. Previous experiences help, sure, but the decision ultimately is in the present. You have nothing to stand upon. It is incorporeal.

You have to take a leap of faith and see where you end up afterwards.


Actions afterwards are pretty straightforward:

Capitalize on this result. Repeat it, enhance it, learn from it. Don’t allow the momentum to stop. Make the moment into a minute, then an hour, day, month, year, and ultimately,



But it all stems from making that single step

From creating that first block of life







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