When we start something, we can rely only on belief.


We believe that it will work out, that we are making the right choice. That it won’t be a complete waste of time and we will learn something from it (spoiler – we always do, but that is a whole new article)


Strongly believing in your success is a beautiful thing – it makes you start working on your goal, you start looking for possible directions where you can go RIGHT NOW and laying the path to them.

Another very important thing – it allows you to enjoy your life before you get where you want to be, to feel part of the success and being happy in the process.


But with all the great things that belief can give you, it has its limits. After some time relying on faith will not be as bright as it was at the start. Holes will appear, doubts may become debilitating, motivation can fade away. 

It can only support you so far…


Until you create precedent

Until you get the actual proof


Now, I’m not saying that when you receive it belief will be replaced with action and going hard for the immediate results. It may be like that for a while, but for consistent success believing is mandatory all the way, right until the end (if there even is one).

But belief SUPPORTED by the proof is strong. It is so absolute that it can only be changed with conscious effort. It stays with you for life.

It becomes REAL


The beautiful thing about precedents – these successes don’t need to be constant. In fact, it needs to happen only once.

You don’t need to be perfect. You may not now what the hell you were doing. You may go for it with all you got, and recover for months after that. You can achieve what you want randomly. You may even think that it is all luck and it cannot happen again.

You can try to make it happen again and it just won’t work for a long time.


But the fact is here now – you somehow made it happen once.




That is it. This simple truth. One of my core philosophies that served me for all my self-improvement journey. It made everything happen.


Believing in something, until I get the energy, courage and opportunity for the one strong leap. Failing and falling back in the process a couple of times. Recovering for weeks, months or even years and trying again. 


But when I finally make it happen, even if it overloads me so much I cannot do anything for a long time afterwards:



It still takes time and effort afterwards to repeat that success. Failures don’t magically disappear.

But there is proof now. It is possible.

It is not an impossible thing anymore that you can only believe in and hope to get someday.



These leaps don’t need to happen often. You can be relaxed most of the time in life. It is better to enjoy what you have now, that is what brings us happiness after all.


But when you have this chance for a big leap towards something you always wanted to…


Grab life by the horns


It will serve you well afterwards.


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