Do you have some passion or just the thing you wanted to do for along time?

The action you always tell yourself “It is not the right time” or “I need to know/prepare more”?

I always had that with recording videos.

I have no setup.

I have no idea how to do that.

And I have no things to talk about.

But all of that doesn’t matter.

It is awesome if you fail spectacularly at the start – then you have something to learn from.

In addition to actually doing the action and removing the barrier that was there before, you now have next actionable step – what to try and improve the next time.

It is easier to adjust when you have some result already.

So, go watch my first video I made, where I suck completely by messing my intro, not focusing camera properly and forgetting what I wanted to say.

Now I have something to work with.

Now it is much easier to continue.

And I allowed myself another form of content.

It even turned out decent…

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