A safety net that supposed to protect me from pain.
Is it, in some form, a continuation of ancient flight response or just a cognitive bias created by our present society?

Why does my mind usually wants me to stop when I am so close to success? Even when I can actually see the finish line.
Why do my thoughts default to focusing on failures first and foremost? Even while I felt time and time again that positive mindset makes life infinitely more enjoyable.
Why does it come up with excuses? Even when I know for sure that I am able to find a solution to any problem I encounter?

But even if my mind will continue doing counterintuitive things for the rest of my life, I don’t believe I am capable of quitting anymore.
What is the point of living then? Stagnation? Doing the same thing over and over again? Or even going backwards, erasing all progress and falling into complacency?

On the other side, everything can be improved. Any desire can be fulfilled. I am capable of whatever I want.

It probably will require action. It may be hard. I may stumble a lot. I may take pauses for a while.
I may even withdraw to regain strength.

But I know I will always return to work on something I want in my life.
I don’t want to accept mediocrity – it is boring.

I will be eternally grateful to Andy for this mindset:

I can achieve anything – as long as I won’t quit working on it.
The beautiful concept where the complete failure ceases to exist – I will get what I want, or the death comes first.

It encourages me to start new projects.
I can work on areas of the life I consider lacking or want improved.
I don’t stress anymore that I will miss on something – I enjoy myself in the process.
I don’t worry that I won’t have enough time – I have all my life to work on whatever I choose and can return infinite times.

One simple mindset that allows me to be happy, no matter what happens.

I Will Never Quit

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