One of my beliefs is – we all can achieve The Great Success.

There’s only two concerns – we all want different kinds of success… And you still need to take some action.

I had an interesting thing happened to me 2 years ago:

I have been predicted to connect with the world, and specifically with people in it – “that is where all my success will come from”.

My friend, who was into astrology, predicted that I would be successful because of the people I meet along the way…

That turned out to be so true.

I am not usually a fan of woo-woo things. I believe in science, facts, statistics (and a little bit of “energy” – emotional state)

So I usually ignore everything from esoterics, astrology, “soul path” and all that – it is to vague for me and there are no definite actions I can take there. 

But that phrase stuck with me.

You will have success from the people you meet.

From the top I interpreted it like I don’t really need to do anything – the people will just make it happen for me. And that didn’t sit well with me and my non-dependency principle.

I almost dismissed it at the start…

But I felt it had some strong philosophy inside – something really important and fundamental. I couldn’t get it at the time, so I just kept it in mind and “used” it to push myself to people.

Surprisingly, it actually caused me to start doing what I needed, I just wasn’t able to notice this small mindset shift back then.

Now I can go deeper, now I know what was underneath.
Self improvement even has the same concept:

Just Show Up

That phrase was a call to put myself out there, in disguise.

It’s not like everything will come into your lap, how they always say. Law of attraction doesn’t really work by itself.

You have to connect to people to become successful. You have to put in some effort and then you just allow yourself to receive reward that “comes effortlessly“.

For many people, with social, it might have been an obvious phrase, and didn’t mean anything – the ones who have a lot of contacts in their life treat normally that these people may make something happen from time to time.

But for me, a really closed off timid introverted guy without any social success, the part about having people meant The World.

I remembered all times I’ve been lucky in the past – I noticed it was always because of a select few people I had in my life. 

But why did I have them? They didn’t fall from the sky.

I made effort to have them in a first place.

I put in the serious work. I was showing up at every opportunity.

Then the work gifted me the results.

And it is like that in all areas of life…

Put yourself out there and success will come.

Law of attraction usually interpreted as – think like you won and you will win.

I think it has hidden message inside. Two, actually:

You still need to do the first step. You always do. Create opportunities for success to find you.

And then the success will follow. If you allow it to. If you believe it enough not to run away.

Go out there and create opportunities

The start – it can be showing up to a meetup, or calling a client, or sitting before a blank list having no thoughts but with a pen in the hand, ready.

Allow it to happen – you talk to people around, client accepts offer, idea comes to mind.

Accept the reward – exchange contacts, sign up a contract, write it down.

Remember – you took the first step.

You put in the seeds and watered them

Now collect the rewards.
You earned it.

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