Choose your gods and surround yourself with them.

Gods. Idols. People that inspire you.

It is all the same. The details of how we perceive it differ a bit, but the meaning underneath is similar – they give us something to believe in.

As you can only go into the unknown so far.

Eventually, you will be lost among it if there will be no directions – lighthouse on the path you’re moving towards, or moonlight clearing the fog from behind.

These people, entities, notions show you the way. They are far ahead, but they look up to you, silently (or loudly) guiding you to greatness.

Surround yourself with those sources of beliefs that you want to adopt, and it will undoubtedly happen. You cannot escape what is relentlessly pushing you forward.

I chose my own gods. Five awesome humans who pushed me in the course of four years. Some more than others, some I found while moving forward, and some of them I left behind.
I listened to what they said and read what they wrote at 90% of my free time. I internalized their world views.

They were the people I could disagree on nuances but who, at the core, were everything that I strived to be.

I created my own religion to blindly follow.

It is so useful at the start to build this “epic pantheon” with things you want and people who achieve it, actively sharing their journey.

On the similar note to consciously restricting your choices, it takes away a lot of doubt. It makes you do things you never thought you would. Mimicking what they do is easier for constant repetition that questioning every moment. You latch on to them until you can figure out a way to stand by yourself.

It is time for me to let this religion go, but it served its purpose well. It gave me insights into my own life. It made me not lose hope in hard situations. It pushed me to do crazy things. And, surprisingly, it created my own principles and boundaries, as there’s no better way to find them than to see what you like and dislike in your idols.

It doesn’t end there, it is only a start. Your gods help you create a foundation you will build your whole life upon.

I am creating a new one, with me at the core, inspirational people beside me and the most useful principles of self-improvement as a guideline.
It will serve me well, until it’s not. Then I will replace it with something better suited.

Life is a life-long project.

Keep choosing your gods.

And know that eventually you will choose yourself as your own.

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