I am writing this article right now as much for me as I am for you.

Recently I started two new things – building this blog and searching for people I can coach, to help them and get experience myself.

I know almost nothing about both of these things. It may be many years before I will become skillful at it.
Or it may happen in three months. Either way, I have to face the fact it is gonna take some time. Hell, even the point where I’m
gonna be writing something decent here may take weeks of practice.

I am mostly okay with being bad when I start something. But the fact that now it is directly concerns someone else, causes me tremendous amounts of worries.

It is hard for me to believe that I can get this blog up somewhere where it will be noticed and inspire people like me. It is even harder to believe – that my experience can directly help someone change their life.

That causes me tremendous amount of worries and fears, of course. I will get

But the only philosophy that got me to the point where I am right now – is to do something.
I may not like my writing style. I may be annoyed how I repeat a lot of words. I may be irritated about my thought process.

The only thing that matters – is to show up and do something every day.

It is what I do here. I do this right now – with this article.

And it is exactly what I am gonna do with people I am trying to help.
I will show up. I will put 100% effort into caring about them. And I am gonna learn how to do it better in the process.

The thing I want to remind myself here, is to not suffer while I’m not there yet. This downward spiral is so easy to get into, and hard to get out from.

It is awesome to enjoy reaching the goal or some breakthroughs in the process. That is a beautiful thing and deserves celebration.
But that doesn’t happen that often. So it is good to remember, that wherever we want to end up – will happen at some point. With consistent effort, of course. But it is inevitable.

Why is it happens so often, that we focus at the outcome and can’t be feeling happy now?

I think we can.
I think there is a lot of things to enjoy even without reaching the end. There is enjoyment even before the baseline level.

We can enjoy that someday we will make it happen.
We can enjoy little steps and small progress along the way.
And especially, we can be grateful that we even know what we want to do – we have a purpose.

As a closing thought, I want to remind myself and everyone who reads this:
We are alive. We are improving. We are moving forward.

That is enough to be grateful for.

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