This article is dedicated to my awesome friend.

The things I say here though, apply to myself and to any humans there are (and maybe some aliens as well, hi guys)

You have power over the world view.

There can be many things happening to you in life.
There may be struggles, pain and just overall low moments when you feel shit.

But it is always good to remember – the final decision on how to treat all things that happen in your life – is yours.

Events happen TO you – reality runs its course. You can steer it a bit over time, but you will never be able to control it fully.

People “happen” TO you too – they have their own views, their own choices. You cannot do anything about it, other that occasional talking. At the end of the day their mind is their own.

Even your thoughts happen TO you – you don’t choose what you think – the subconscious mind is savage, wild and impossible to tame. It will always flood you with crazy ideas and scary intentions.

However, what you do with the information you have from it – your Real Actions, or at least Actions of your Mind – are totally in your power.

You always have the ultimate choice of how to treat anything, even your thoughts and memories.

You can see them and listen, notice them and act otherwise, or rewrite them to suit you better – the only thing that matters is what you actually do.

The same situation can be treated in completely opposite ways depending on your mindset.

You can suffer in pain and lay down defeated. You can stand up after and face what comes.

You can be miserable and complain about the unfairness of the moment. You can accept what is now and start changing it for the future.

You can be depressed, angry and fearful. You can be happy, peaceful and loving.

It is not even that binary – the perceived negative can help you cope with some hard struggle.
Be aware and conscious that you chose to do that for a reason.

The only one who can name a “bad” situation “bad” – is You.

The situation may not be in your power.
Perception of the situation – always is.

You can choose what emotion – what tool – is beneficial to you in the moment.

Even in the moment when emotions control you – your actions in your mind – how you treat yourself – is under your authority.

It may not be easy at the start, but it is just a skill – and with practice you will internalize it.

I wish you to fully understand the power that you have inside.

What may have happened before – pain, discomfort, shame and fear – is not who you are, it doesn’t control you.

It is just a story inside your head.

If you want – you can rewrite it.
It is your decision as well.

Even your intentions may not always be pure and positive.
Life struggles have its toll and sometimes strip you of all the energy you need to be positive.

It is okay.

You still have the choice at that moment to even more painfully try to fight the reality or to accept that state and let it run its course.

No matter what you choose, it will be okay too.

It will always be okay.

Reality doesn’t want you to suffer. It doesn’t want anything.

It doesn’t care.
It just exists.

How you treat the reality will be mirrored back to you.

Being happy and at peace – is always here for you to pick.

The view of the world. View of events. View of yourself – is always your choice.

It always was, is and will be within you.

It is a gift that no one can take away.

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